Change Can Be Progress

At different times, circumstances present themselves as challenges, especially when they involve change. The phrase “Change is hard’ is both cliché and truth. Life consists , in part at least, of a series of these kinds of challenges. Whether circumstances improve or not as a result of change is not entirely up to us, but we can learn from the process. Sometimes great failures and personal tragedy, or confronting darkness, even (or especially) one’s own can be transformative.  Going on sometimes is the hardest thing we have ever done, but when we do, when we walk through the door opened by the darkness, everything can be seen differently. Personal circumstances may be harder after this kind of change. If we choose to accept our pain and learn from it, and use our new understanding to help ourselves and others, sometimes new opportunities arise.

Go through that door!

Here’s an example:  A few years ago I was just starting a new business. I  had established good contacts with a few clients, and things seemed to be going well. Then my landlord let us know that we had to move, which made every step harder and delayed work and expansion. Because of this change, however, I ended up moving to Cincinnati, and this opened many new doors. The change was very difficult, involving a state to state move, and changing my circumstances, and living in a rental house that was less than perfect for a while. But then an opportunity arose to buy my own house, which has allowed me to recharge my efforts towards my business. Overcoming the difficulties of change in location and transforming it into an opportunity, recreating a new business network, focusing on engaging the new community I live in, making new friends and expanding the original idea of my business would not have been possible if I hadn’t been forced to move.

Sometimes, in order to be able to make positive changes, we need a kick in the pants, to use another cliché. Every day is a new challenge, every job a new adventure.  Don’t quit before the miracle happens.

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