The Future Awaits!

It’s been about 16 months since I last posted here, and a lot has happened, but the short version is this: I moved from Asheville North Carolina to Cincinnati Ohio. I worked a contract in a regular job for a bit, I bought a house, and I’m committed to this city. I’ve decided to make a go of it once more as a freelancer, and as an author.  I have a lot of ideas, and so much has happened in my own life that I feel like I’m spinning in circles.

This post marks a turning point for me, and I’m committed to getting back to work as an independent contractor, and getting serious about my book. I will use this website as a springboard for my consultant business and as a home base for my own work. 2016 has wrought changes in my life, my ideas, and my circumstances. So now for the future.

I’ve got my towel. Whatever it brings I’m ready.