Day-to-Day Business

My focus is often on creating and maintaining a social media presence, both by focusing on my own interests and by helping clients widen their circles and make new contacts.   In addition to my understanding of 21st Century marketing principles, much of my experience has been in the maintenance and access of data, both through traditional databases and by use of spreadsheets.  I can offer integrated projects that use information and tables to help with strategies for marketing as well as day-to-day business practice.



Just keeping track of customers is an essential first step, and the complex ways we interact today are daunting at first glance, but some simple tools can be a giant help in reducing workload and improving the efficiency of marketing, of customer response, and many daily tasks.  Excel, or any spreadsheet program (including open-source products like Open Office), can create a simple database of contacts, collated from all these sources, to improve customer relations.  Spreadsheets can also help with scheduling and simple bookkeeping, and are easily maintained.

Social media, email, and websites interact, and it’s important to keep track of the source of your contacts, in order to better serve your customers.  Websites can be improved with free products like Google Webmaster Tools, and Mozilla Webmaker.    Statistics and metrics from tools can be imported into a spreadsheet for easy reference.