Supporting independent artists and businesses is the beginning of what Coyote Content is about.

Artists: Need an artist statement? Let us know, we can help!
Small Business or Entrepreneur? Get your name out there!

If you are an artist in any medium and need a thoughtfully crafted artist statement, or some assistance with getting set up for online sales or the first steps of introducing your work, we’d be happy to walk with you for a while. Together we can make sure you have found the right direction for your journey.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business and need some help with business plans, general consulting, email management, spreadsheet or other office support we can help!. Confused about the uncharted wilds of social media, marketing, or market research, Let us work on it together!  If you need original content for your newsletter, website, social media platforms, that’s what we do!

Even if you just need some general ideas about what kind of marketing goals to set in the digital environment, or if you need technical assistance with your website, with email migration from one service to another, we can create a solution for you.

More details about real-time experience can be found on our Content Creator’s LinkedIn profile.

If you have any questions about our services please contact us. Thanks for your interest!

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